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Enjoy an unfair advantage when you sell your home

Are you wondering if now is the right time to sell your home or investment property?

Has it been years (or decades) since you’ve sold a property and you’re not sure where to start?

Have you been overwhelmed by confusing advice from agents, desperate to get your signature on a sales authority?

We can help.


Bring in a Melbourne vendor advocate with a wealth of experience

Knowing the best time to sell is tricky

You want to sell at the right time in the market, and at the right time of year. Timing your sales campaign can be the key to success. We take our combined 40 plus years of Melbourne real estate and vendor advocacy experience to determine the precise strategy to get you the best chance of success.

We always have your best interest in mind

The key to a successful sale is partnering with the right agent. We have extensive agent networks, and our experience working as agents ourselves helps us know who’s right to sell your property. These valuable insights mean we are able to “keep it real” for vendors throughout the entire selling process, with reliable upfront assessments of property value and market demand.

We make sure you find the right agent for your needs by vetting agents, renegotiating contract terms to get you a better deal, and managing the sales campaign, timeframe and marketing – to set you up for success.

Our approach to get your home sold

Helping you get ready to sell.

Firstly, we help you prepare for a potential sale. We’ll advise you on the property repairs and improvements you can undertake to maximise the property presentation.

Setting realistic price range

Using industry-only sales data that the general public can’t access, we’ll research comparable properties to give you an accurate price expectation.

Shortlisting agents

We’ll create a shortlist if two or three local agencies to consider appointing to sell your home. You’ll be spared the hassle of dealing directly with agents – that’s all on us. We’ll help you choose the right agent to commence the sales campaign and negotiate the finer points of the Sales Authority (so you pay a fair commission)

Managing the sales campaign

We liaise with the agents to consider their advice for marketing, sales campaigns and timeframes. This means you don’t waste money on expensive but useless marketing that is more about advertising the agent than attracting more buyers to your home.

Responding to your buyer interest

We’ll closely watch the response from buyers including data showing online views, in-person inspections and comparable property sales. We pay strong attention to interest levels and agent feedback to ensure the campaign runs smoothly.

Supporting you at auction

We’ll help you set the reserve, based on the latest market insights and decide whether to sell or reconsider your selling strategy on auction day. We are prepared for every eventuality at auction and ready to guide you to make the right decision on the day. This means you have an independent advisor by your side, so you won’t feel pressured to make fast decisions during the auction.

What’s included

One-on-one support

Unlimited access to us to ask as many questions as you wish. We’re on call. 

Agent Recruitment

We enlist the best real estate agent and negotiate the fine points on your sales authority.

Agent Liaison

We do all the reporting and speaking with agents so you don’t have to.

Sales Strategy

We’ll advise you on the ideal timeframe and approach to sell your home.

It’s no charge to you to engage us to sell your home

Many homeowners don’t realise that agency commissions are negotiable, but we’ll ensure the commission is fair.

Our fees are derived from the agent’s selling commission, so therefore having us on your side for you sales campaign is at no extra charge to you.

Testimonials for our vendor agent services

Excellent work keeping the agents on the ball and being a calm, considered presence on auction day.
Steve Grayley
Fitzroy North
The whole process was seamless and successful. Your experience, thoroughness and professionalism is greatly appreciated - Thanks Carly!
Amanda Hunt
Michelle, it really helped to have someone on my side. I appreciate your understanding, warmth and solid advice. It made a potentially very challenging time much more pleasant and easy.
Margaret P
St Kilda
Carly informed me what to expect during the campaign and was a real support when I needed to bounce ideas or concerns off her. My house sold for $325K above reserve on the day of the auction
Veronica Strangio
Carly's diligence, pleasant and professional conduct made the whole experience stress-free and enjoyable.
Angela and John Kerr

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, agents will strive for the best price – to a point. Agents also want you to sign their contract commiting you to them for the sale, give them commissions and sell your home quickly so they can move on to the next property. Some of the agent tactics might work for you – others may not. We strive for a positive relationship with agents, but we also keep them honest and accountable. Agents are good at pressuring buyers to buy and vendors to sell. You get wise, independent counsel when you need it most. Plus, we get involved before you recruit an agent and help you find the team best equipped to handle the sale.

We derive our fees from the standard agent’s selling commission, so, it’s no charge to you to engage us to sell your home.

We don’t choose the agent, we will recommend agents to interview, and help you make a choice, but the final decision is yours.

We know how to best present a property to sell, and we recommend the repairs and improvements you should make beforehand, such as decluttering, painting, minor repairs and gardening. If necessary we will recommend property stylists and furniture hire services to have your property looking at its very best before sale.

Payment comes from the agent – as the vendor you don’t pay us anything directly.

No. The fee is the same regardless of the time it takes to sell your home.

Unfortunately, yes. If you’ve already signed with an agent, you are bound by that contract and we are unable to assist you. So it’s important to recruit us before you enlist an agent and sign their contract.

Yes, you can request to work with either Carly, Michelle or Ian. Just let us know who you prefer when you book your complimentary at-home consultation.

Yes, we often work with homeowners to facilitate the sale of their home and then move on to helping them find and buy the next home on the property ladder. For more information refer to our buying page.

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